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The Oaktable

The Oracle ACE Program : My 15 Year Anniversary

Just noticed it’s April 1st, which means it’s my 15th year anniversary of being an Oracle ACE. As usual I’ll mention some of the other anniversaries that will happen throughout this year. read more

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I mentioned on Twitter, I was on a training course last week for a non-Oracle cloud-based database engine. I went into the week feeling quite nervous about things, because I like to learn things at my own pace. Having to work at the same pace as others doesn’t work well for me. I’m quic Lees meer
By Franck Pachot . This post is something I discovered by chance when writing about tagging SQL statement with recognizable comments. We know that Oracle is introducing more and more artificial intelligence and machine learning in the database engine, but here is the first time I see something where Lees meer

31 Mar 2021, 4:20 pm

Impressions from the recent upgrade of a Virtualized ODA version 12.2 to 19.9. This upgrade was expected to be a complex task. There are two possible paths to such an upgrade: re-image or go through 12.2->18.3->18.8->19.8->19.9. While re-imaging ODA is the preferred & recommeneded w Lees meer
Just a quick end of month blog post to give a shout out to Sarah Craynon Zumbrum who posted this on Linkedin a few weeks back. I think this is a wonderful call to action for an extremely worthy reason, so I figured I should read more Lees meer


Terraform : Variables - A Beginner's Guide

This article gives an overview of input variables in Terraform.

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This article presents what I think is the minimum information needed to start using Terraform. Lees meer
This article describes a silent upgrade of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to 13c Release 5 (13.5). Lees meer

30 Apr 2021, 2:00 am

This article provides a pictorial guide for performing a basic server installation of Fedora 34 (F34). Lees meer
This article describes the silent installation of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 5 (13.5) on Oracle Linux 8. Lees meer

Blogs Oracle.com

RAC SIG Webcast: Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Rapid Home Provisioning and Maintenance

Please join me and the RAC SIG on Wednesday May 17th at 9:00 am PT for a discussion of Rapid Home Provisioning and Maintenance with Oracle Database 12.2.  We'll cover the full feature set available with the 12.2 release and see how it can help you meet today's requirements for maintaining a lar

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Companies have been using workflow and content management for many, many years. In IT we got used to the term Business Process Management (BPM) whenever we spoke of automated process execution. Not so strange since the term BPM was adopted by all the major software vendors and has received a Lees meer
Companies have been using workflow and content management for many, many years. In IT we got used to the term Business Process Management (BPM) whenever we spoke of automated process execution. Not so strange since the term BPM was adopted by all the major software vendors and has received a Lees meer
This is the first of a two-part blog series. It leverages the Oracle Cloud platform (in concert with some widely used open source technologies) to demonstrate message based, loosely coupled and asynchronous interaction between microservices with the help of a sample application (scroll do Lees meer
Performance is a critical aspect of mobile app development and the embedded platform web view is a significant contributing factor to the performance of any hybrid mobile app. Since late 2015, hybrid app developers targeting iOS have been able to include the Apache Cor Lees meer

Amis technology blog

Check for RunAs accounts in Automation Accounts

Introduction Some time ago, I wrote about the new preview feature in Azure Automation Accounts to use Managed Identities [1]. I think that it is useful to migrate to this new feature as soon as possible: managed identities are used in many places in Azure and it is better to […] The post Chec

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Sometimes you want to record online presentations to maybe re-watch them later or share them with colleagues. It is not always possible to easily do this from within the tool which is used for the presentation. An easy alternative is to record such sessions using OBS Studio, a free and […] Th Lees meer
My very first steps in programming consisted of typing in the BASIC program listings from computer magazines. Usually very simple games with very poor UX. That probably is the closest I got to “creating” games. And then I went into computers professionally – with a primary focus on Lees meer
This is my 200th blog post. Also I reached 1M page-views recently. In those 200 blog posts, I used approximately 325K words. An average non-fiction book is somewhere between 70K to 80K words. So that would amount to somewhere around 4 books. Why did I write so many blog posts, […] The post Bl Lees meer
Introduction I think that every production environment in Azure uses Automation Accounts for f.e. scheduled tasks. Up to recently, you were forced to use the Run As user to do so. This solution has, however, two drawbacks. The first one is that this Run As user has way too many […] The post U Lees meer

Tanel Poder

Virtual Conference: Troubleshooting Very Complex Oracle Performance Problems

Learn to troubleshoot some of the most complex Oracle performance problems - real life case studies by Tanel Põder I already announced my latest virtual conference in social media, but will write a short blog entry here too (people who are following my blog via mailing list or RSS will get th

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Over the years of troubleshooting performance problems in the Unix/Linux world, I have seen multiple cases where a regularly used command line tool in a customer server just stops working for some reason. The tool just returns immediately, doing absolutely nothing. No output printed, no coredumps an Lees meer
In this video I will present a case study of a complex performance issue where the initial symptoms pointed somewhere else than the root cause. Only when systematically following through the troubleshooting evidence, we get to the root cause of the problem. This session aims to help you understand ( Lees meer
TL;DR: Some Linux distros and even different kernel versions within a distro have disabled IRQ time accounting. In such case, your monitoring tools will report zero time spent in hardware interrupt handlers (shown as %hi, %irq, hiq, etc). It’s easy to check how your kernel is behaving by looki Lees meer
Here’s the High Performance Block IO on Linux hacking session video. It’s based on my recent article about achieving 11M IOPS & 66 GB/s IO on a single ThreadRipper workstation. Enjoy! Towards the end of this video, I also explain how I got up to 11.5M IOPS without having to keep CP Lees meer

All things Oracle

Oracle Sequences: RAC

Using sequences when scaling up with Oracle RAC presents more issues with contention. In this article, Jonathan Lewis explains how to avoid the problems.… The post Oracle Sequences: RAC appeared first on Simple Talk.

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26 Mar 2021, 7:06 pm

Oracle sequences can be used to create artificial IDs for a table. In this article, Jonathan Lewis explains how they work under-the-hood.… The post Oracle sequences: The basics appeared first on Simple Talk. Lees meer
Oracle archived redo size may be smaller than that of online redo log files. In this article, Jonathan Lewis takes a deeper look.… The post Oracle archived redo size – the research appeared first on Simple Talk. Lees meer
Oracle sometimes generates smaller archived redo logs than you might expect based on the size of the online redo logs. In this article, Jonathan Lewis explains how Oracle uses online redo logs and why there might be a discrepancy in the archived log size.… The post Are your Oracle archived lo Lees meer
SQL Developer is a popular free tool for working with Oracle databases. In this article Srinivasan Suresh explains several features of SQL Developer that can make you more productive.… The post SQL Developer – A great tool and better ways to use it appeared first on Simple Talk. Lees meer