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PL/SQL That is not DEFINER or INVOKER rights - BUG?

I always understood that PL/SQL objects in the database that are not explicitly changed to INVOKER rights - CURRENT_USER or DEFINER. During testing of an issue with PFCLScan where a customer was using our project template to analyse PL/SQL and....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 24/01/20 At 03:19 PM

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These slides are from the first ever presentation I did. And yes, the presentation was at work. read more Lees meer
Introduction One of the enhancements to statistics collection and management in Oracle 12c was the ability of the database will automatically collect statistics during either a create-table-as-select operation or during the initial insert into a freshly created or freshly truncated table, provi Lees meer
https://oracle-base.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/pyramid-2611048_... 300w" sizes="(max-width: 308px) 85vw, 308px" /> This post is about making sure you get your message across by structuring your content correctly, and giving people convenient jump-off points when they’ve hit the lev Lees meer

23 Jan 2020, 11:43 pm

trying to connect to SQL Server from my Mac so install sqlcmd: brew tap microsoft/mssql-release https://github.com/Microsoft/homebrew-mssql-release brew update brew install mssql-tools then get error $ sqlcmd -S kylelfsqls.xxxxxx.us-west-2.amazonaws.com,1433 -U kylelf Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft OD Lees meer


SQLcl : Automating Your SQL and PL/SQL Deployments using the SQLcl implementation of Liquibase

This article gives a quick overview of applying changes to the database using the Liquibase implementation in SQLcl.

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This article gives a quick overview of applying changes to the database using Liquibase. Lees meer
This article shows how to create an object storage bucket under Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Lees meer
This article shows how to create a vault and key under Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Lees meer
SQL Developer Web allows Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) to present a web-based version of SQL Developer and SQL Developer Data Modeler. Lees meer

Blogs Oracle.com

RAC SIG Webcast: Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Rapid Home Provisioning and Maintenance

Please join me and the RAC SIG on Wednesday May 17th at 9:00 am PT for a discussion of Rapid Home Provisioning and Maintenance with Oracle Database 12.2.  We'll cover the full feature set available with the 12.2 release and see how it can help you meet today's requirements for maintaining a lar

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Companies have been using workflow and content management for many, many years. In IT we got used to the term Business Process Management (BPM) whenever we spoke of automated process execution. Not so strange since the term BPM was adopted by all the major software vendors and has received a Lees meer
Companies have been using workflow and content management for many, many years. In IT we got used to the term Business Process Management (BPM) whenever we spoke of automated process execution. Not so strange since the term BPM was adopted by all the major software vendors and has received a Lees meer
This is the first of a two-part blog series. It leverages the Oracle Cloud platform (in concert with some widely used open source technologies) to demonstrate message based, loosely coupled and asynchronous interaction between microservices with the help of a sample application (scroll do Lees meer
Performance is a critical aspect of mobile app development and the embedded platform web view is a significant contributing factor to the performance of any hybrid mobile app. Since late 2015, hybrid app developers targeting iOS have been able to include the Apache Cor Lees meer

Amis technology blog

Trying out Project Fn handson – using only your browser

Project Fn is an open source framework for creating and running serverless functions. Project Fn produces a Docker container image for each function. This container has a runtime (for example for Java, Go, Python, Node) and a minimal handler to handle an HTTP request and turn it into a call to the f

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In my previous blog I created a custom plugin for Grafana with React and more specifically the Material UI TreeView. It’s possible to customize the plugin even further, as I will show you in this post. CSS Styling can be added when needed. Keep in mind that Grafana uses a theme, that can be sw Lees meer
In November of last year, my colleague Lucas Jellema, wrote an article with the title “Ultra fast, ultra small Kubernetes on Linux – K3S beating minikube”. [https://technology.amis.nl/2019/11/12/ultra-fast-ultra-small-kubernetes-on-linux-k3s-beating-minikube/] For training and demo Lees meer
We call them serverless and we consider them stateless. Functions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (and on other cloud platforms). Of course they are neither. They run on servers. And they can carry some state, though largely opportunistic and not reliably. Functions on OCI run inside a container. The Lees meer
Callback functions used to be very common in JavaScript and Node applications. Out of necessity. And with Callback functions came unclear program flows, parallel realities, nested complexity and more. ECMAScript introduced Promises several years ago and followed that up with the neat await and async Lees meer

Tanel Poder

My Performance & Troubleshooting scripts (TPT) for Oracle are now in GitHub and open sourced

I have uploaded my TPT-oracle scripts to GitHub and have formally open sourced them under Apache 2.0 license as well. This allows companies to embed this software in their toolsets and processes & distribute them without a worry from legal … Continue reading →Related PostsTroubleshoo

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I have uploaded the the video of my Secret Hacking Session: Oracle X$TRACE, Wait Event Internals and Background Process Communication to my Oracle performance & troubleshooting Youtube channel. The slides are in Slideshare. Enjoy!   Lees meer
Update: I unexpectedly ended up falling ill and decided to reschedule this hacking session to January 24, 10am PST. No need to re-register if you already have done so. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will upload the video to Youtube … Continue reading →Related PostsOracle Session SnapperC Lees meer
A lot of people have asked me to do another run of my Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training or at least get access to previous recordings – so I decided to geek out over the holiday period, update the material with … Continue reading →Related PostsAdvanced Oracle Troubleshooting Lees meer
If you happen to be in Bay Area on Thursday 9th November, then come check out the NoCOUG Fall Conference in California State University in downtown Oakland, CA. Gluent is delivering a Hadoop for Database Professionals class as a separate … Continue reading →Related PostsHadoop for Databa Lees meer

All things Oracle

Oracle for Absolute Beginners: Problem-Solving as a New Developer

Learning programming logic and syntax is just the beginning. In this article, David Njoku talks about how to debug and troubleshoot errors as a new developer.… The post Oracle for Absolute Beginners: Problem-Solving as a New Developer appeared first on Simple Talk.

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Security is, or at least should be, the priority for any IT system. In this article, Cynthia Dzikiti discusses the security aspects of ERP systems and some of the techniques used to protect data.… The post Security Considerations for ERP Applications appeared first on Simple Talk. Lees meer
There is often more than one way to write a query that returns the same results, but some methods may perform better than others. In this article, Ben Brumm discusses ten best practice when writing SQL code for Oracle. … The post 10 Best Practices for Writing Oracle SQL appeared first on Simp Lees meer
This article was originally published on mikesmithers.wordpress.com. “You can’t have your cake and eat it!” This seems to be a regular refrain from the EU in the ongoing Brexit negotiations. They also seem to be a bit intolerant of “cherry picking”. I’ve neve Lees meer
Unit testing and even Test-Driven Development is possible for databases. In this article Samuel Nitsche makes the case for introducing unit tests to your database development, and suggests some lightweight ways to get started.… The post Strongholds of Confidence: Self-Testing Your Database ap Lees meer