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Recursive WITH upgrade

There’s a notable change in the way the optimizer does cost and cardinality calculations for recursive subquery factoring that may make some of your execution plans change – with a massive impact on performance – as you upgrade to any version of Oracle from onwards. The pr

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When sequences won’t do In an Oracle database if someone comes to you and says “I need to generate unique numbers” then anyone with any experience of Oracle will more likely than not suggest a sequence. And that is good advice because a sequence is incredibly fast, scales well with Lees meer

9 Jul 2020, 5:54 pm

This is an example from the Oracle Developer Community of using the output of SQL Monitor to detect a problem with object statistics that resulted in an extremely poor choice of execution plan. A short time after posting the original statement of the problem the OP identified where he thought the pr Lees meer
https://oracle-base.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/shark-5135934_64... 300w" sizes="(max-width: 232px) 85vw, 232px" /> Yesterday, one of the developers was having a problem and emailed to ask what was going on. They sent me a section of code from an old trigger that included some date handli Lees meer
Today’s quick but important message is…don’t be lazy! Look….I get it If given the choice of typing: '01-JUL-20' or typing this: to_date('01-JUL-20','DD-MON-RR') then more often than not, we all are going to opt for the first alternative because we all can get lazy. B Lees meer


SQLcl : Deploying Oracle Application Express (APEX) Applications using the SQLcl implementation of Liquibase

This article demonstrates how to deploy Oracle Application Express (APEX) applications using the SQLcl implementation of Liquibase.

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This article shows how to combine internal and external partitions into a single Hybrid Partitioned Table in Oracle Database 19c. Lees meer
This article demonstrates how to deploy Oracle Application Express (APEX) applications using Liquibase. Lees meer
The APEX_DATA_PARSER package allows you to easily convert simple CSV, JSON, XML and XLSX data into rows and columns from SQL. Lees meer
Podman can generate Kubernetes YAML files from existing pod definitions, and use the generated YAML files to fire up new pods. Lees meer

Blogs Oracle.com

RAC SIG Webcast: Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Rapid Home Provisioning and Maintenance

Please join me and the RAC SIG on Wednesday May 17th at 9:00 am PT for a discussion of Rapid Home Provisioning and Maintenance with Oracle Database 12.2.  We'll cover the full feature set available with the 12.2 release and see how it can help you meet today's requirements for maintaining a lar

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Companies have been using workflow and content management for many, many years. In IT we got used to the term Business Process Management (BPM) whenever we spoke of automated process execution. Not so strange since the term BPM was adopted by all the major software vendors and has received a Lees meer
Companies have been using workflow and content management for many, many years. In IT we got used to the term Business Process Management (BPM) whenever we spoke of automated process execution. Not so strange since the term BPM was adopted by all the major software vendors and has received a Lees meer
This is the first of a two-part blog series. It leverages the Oracle Cloud platform (in concert with some widely used open source technologies) to demonstrate message based, loosely coupled and asynchronous interaction between microservices with the help of a sample application (scroll do Lees meer
Performance is a critical aspect of mobile app development and the embedded platform web view is a significant contributing factor to the performance of any hybrid mobile app. Since late 2015, hybrid app developers targeting iOS have been able to include the Apache Cor Lees meer

Amis technology blog

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Vault Service to generate, manage and encrypt & decrypt using Keys

The Vault service lets you create vaults in your tenancy as containers for encryption keys and secrets. Vaults are logical entities where the Vault service creates and durably stores keys and secrets. The type of vault you have determines features and functionality such as degrees of storage isolati

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TL;DR: Oracle offers a new cloud native, serverless service on OCI for data processing and ETL/ELT, called Data Integration. It seems a new incarnation of Oracle Data Integrator or even of Warehouse Builder. It provides data flows that can filter, convert, join and aggregate. It currently only suppo Lees meer
TL;DR: Collect debug information in an in-memory buffer that is printed to the output when an error occurs (and quietly discarded in all other cases). I may have come up with a useful idea. Or something that is not all that useful. Or even something that already exists (and I […] The post Wri Lees meer
Introduction Sonarcloud is a static code analysis tool. This means that it checks out the code at your repository, does an analysis and shows you the results. It may look something like this: It gives detailed information about your code and you can for example let it scan if you […] The post Lees meer
Resource Principal is an OCI resource that through its membership of a Dynamic Group and permissions granted through policies to the Dynamic Group is given access to OCI resources and services. Examples of Resource Principals are Function and API Gateway. A Function that is resource principal enable Lees meer

Tanel Poder

Hacking Session: 7 Levels of Hint Invalidity in Oracle SQL

As I promised in the end of the last hacking session (about Oracle SQL Monitoring, I will run another one on 2. June 2020. This one will be a deep dive into Oracle hint usage and various scenarios of hint (in)validity. I have too much material in my full-week Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning training, so

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Update: I have uploaded the videos of this hacking session to YouTube. I will run another hacking session that has been in my mind for a while. It will be a pretty narrow deep-dive into one of the SQL Monitoring report’s columns that is not well explained: Oracle SQL Monitoring - Understanding Lees meer
Update: I have added an interview with Jonathan Lewis to YouTube too. We talk a bit about the last 10 years and Jonathan describes what he’ll be talking about in his virtual conference talk:  I will add a few more videos in the coming days. The conference interview playlist URL is here. Lees meer
When talking about Oracle background processes, there’s a term/qualifier “fatal” background process. This means that when one of these background processes crashes, then whoever detects the process disappearance (PMON or LGWR or CLMN possibly), will shut down the instance as it can Lees meer
The current state of affairs in the entire world have radically changed since last month when we announced the next Oracle SQL Optimization event in the virtual conference series. We’ve been keeping an eye on the trajectory of the developments and decided to make some changes too. So, here&rsq Lees meer

All things Oracle

Oracle for Absolute Beginners: Problem-Solving as a New Developer

Learning programming logic and syntax is just the beginning. In this article, David Njoku talks about how to debug and troubleshoot errors as a new developer.… The post Oracle for Absolute Beginners: Problem-Solving as a New Developer appeared first on Simple Talk.

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Security is, or at least should be, the priority for any IT system. In this article, Cynthia Dzikiti discusses the security aspects of ERP systems and some of the techniques used to protect data.… The post Security Considerations for ERP Applications appeared first on Simple Talk. Lees meer
There is often more than one way to write a query that returns the same results, but some methods may perform better than others. In this article, Ben Brumm discusses ten best practice when writing SQL code for Oracle. … The post 10 Best Practices for Writing Oracle SQL appeared first on Simp Lees meer
This article was originally published on mikesmithers.wordpress.com. “You can’t have your cake and eat it!” This seems to be a regular refrain from the EU in the ongoing Brexit negotiations. They also seem to be a bit intolerant of “cherry picking”. I’ve neve Lees meer
Unit testing and even Test-Driven Development is possible for databases. In this article Samuel Nitsche makes the case for introducing unit tests to your database development, and suggests some lightweight ways to get started.… The post Strongholds of Confidence: Self-Testing Your Database ap Lees meer